For Baba's Sake


Eruch Jessawala

Meher Baba lovers who gather together should keep in mind that they meet in the love and service of their Beloved, and that they gather not for themselves nor for the group but or Meher Baba. They should hold Baba's presence uppermost in their hearts and in their minds, and in so doing, they will very naturally conduct themselves in the right manner knowing that He is present. That is the most important thing for any group.Once Baba's presence is held in the heart everything will be set right, because if His presence is not felt, people will do whatever they want to do. But I am sure no one really would wish to behave in a manner other than if He were present. Therefore it should be always as Baba would want us to behave, because feeling His presence, the desire would be to please Him. One should not try to please one's self, but to please Him. That should be uppermost in the minds of Baba lovers.Now, it doesn't matter how many people have gathered, sometimes the less the better. And why is this? Because then His presence can be actually felt, you may call it sort of unified Baba-feeling. However, this does not mean others would be barred from joining the gathering. Leave it up to Him; your business is to keep His presence while His business is to allow people to come to Him. So no one should stop another from coming or, on the other hand, decide on the numbers that should come. That is strictly Baba's business and we must allow Him to conduct His business. Our business, I repeat, is to keep Him in our hearts most especially when we are gathered in His love and in His name.Of course, when a group gets bigger and bigger, many minds will begin to work together, but the nature of the mind is never to work together; that's the way the heart works for the heart knows no way except to love Him. The mind however, has an important part of play in reasoning things out and in probing, but it must always be harnessed to the heart and sure enough, that will help. Obstruction will give way to promotion and then ways and means will be found to win more hearts to Baba. So that's how it should be, otherwise there will be rifts, dissensions, bickerings, and so forth.Time and again Baba used to tell us that it would make Him very happy if all hearts were to come together in His love. So all differences should be put aside at these gatherings in His name and in His love. Let the bickerings and the fights remain outside, but for the one and a half hours you are trying to feel His presence, drown these differences in the ocean of His love. Surely that can be done for this short time! When the meeting starts, just concentrate on Baba and His love for us all and that will be a very pleasant and happy get-together.Baba would like us to be childlike in His presence, so become childlike. Be very free and feel at home, and now that He is adorning that home you have created for Him, for He is there undoubtedly.It doesn't need a grand edifice for individuals to gather together in Baba's love. Even the shade of a tree will do though the best shade that you can have is His presence. Then all will feel rested there in His presence. That is how He would want us to be.Perhaps some people will have projects to spread Baba's message to reach many hearts. Let them be laid out before all, and whether approved or not after everyone has been given the opportunity to speak out, let the result be taken as His will. When Baba was with us, the mandali, He would not dictate to us in such things. He would conduct matters in a very democratic manner, allowing us to speak out as He would want us to speak freely, and the result would be in His hands. So leave matters to Baba. Speak out your hearts and your minds by all means, but leave the final result to Him.

Further, the one who plays the leading role in the group should not consider himself a leader but a humble slave. The one who humbles himself is the leader, Baba said, the rightful leader.So all that is needed is just to keep His presence at the time you are gathered. You gather not for your own sake, but for Him, to love Him, to pour out your love to Him, to worship Him, to adore Him and to devote all your heart feelings to Him.Music can also be used to entertain Him, but let such programmes be there not to entertain the visitors, because there is no visitor there except Baba whose house it is. And at such gatherings all should be permitted to participate in the entertainment, for the songs, the skits and indeed everything is enacted with a view to entertaining Him.Let there be stories told about Baba, and readings too from printed material. Above all, bring His personality and His being to our minds and hearts and feel deeply His presence. That is all!

Also, remember the three things Baba has said would please Him most, and at least while you are together. Think of things that you would not hesitate to think in His presence, speak words that you would not hesitate to speak in His presence, and act and do deeds that you would not hesitate to act and do in His presence. Then you will have His company there.Baba once said to us that His advent was nothing but to give company to us. Now it rests with you, it is your opportunity to give company to Him. So become His companion, His faithful companion by giving Him your companionship.Finally, there should be liveliness at these gatherings for Baba disliked austerity. If there is a desire for group participation in adoring Him, that's all well and good but if any prefer to adore privately, then one's apartment will also do. But let the atmosphere be joyous and the programmes lively. Sing out His name, talk about Him, tell stories about Him and so forth, and that will be the right general atmosphere. Let Baba be there as president, as chairman, as the All in all for us all. No one will be high and no one will be low in His presence and that is the spirit which will prevail at the time when you are gathered for His love, in His love.

THE ANCIENT ONE, pp. 221-223, ed. Naosherwan AnzarCopyright 1985 Naosherwan Anzar

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